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Galaxy's Outpost Blind Bag Pins Wave 2

Galaxy's Outpost Blind Bag Pins Wave 2

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These are blind bag pins, there are four different variants of this pin, all of which have been placed into blind bags and mixed up. We will try our best to get you two different variants if you order the two pack, but no guarantees you won't get a duplicate. 

Four Variants
Green Milk - Green Dye, Green Fill ( 50 PCS )
Light Speed - Polished Silver, White Glitter ( 45 PCS )
Red Kyber Crystal - Pink Dye, Red Fill ( 40 PCS )
Black Kyber Crystal - Grey Dye, Black Fill ( LE 15 PCS )

Material: Hard Enamel / Soft Enamel
Special Material: Glitter in the Light Speed Variant
Size: 1.375 Inch
Finish: Polished Silver, Red Dye, Grey Dye, Green Dye
Double posted

" Til the Spire! "